#Addicts Care About Their Lives, But They Are In So Much #Pain… (#Unicorn)

“#Addicts care about their lives, but they are in so much #pain, death doesn’t seem like a bad option.”

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Ramblings On Loss & Grief & The One Who Loves Us Through

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I’ve been in a weird place the last few days.
What keeps coming up ~ what I keep feeling is that life is rich. It’s so precious. And there is so much more to be discovered & so much more to do.

And it can be taken from us or someone we love just like that and then what? We are left to pick up the pieces. We walk around with a gaping hole where our loved one once was.

Grief is ever-changing and looks different on each person. No one can tell another person how to grieve nor should we. The best thing we can do is just be there. Just be.

I told someone the other day that loss is my least favorite part of life. Loss of any kind. From the giant to the smallest. Even when I lose something that wasn’t good for me anyway. If…

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7 Awesome Tips For Surviving July 4th Sober


Here in Washington, DC we are getting ready to celebrate America’s birthday, also known as the Independence Day, or The Fourth of July. Of course with all the parades, street festivals, concerts, fireworks, and drinking, this one holiday for me, turned out to be the most difficult to get through and stay sober.


Back in my drinking days, the Fourth of July was one of the greatest days for getting totally wasted! With everyone else starting celebrations early in the day it was OK to publicly drink before noon, and be drunk way before the fireworks even started! On this day, no one questioned my excessive drinking, and it was quite acceptable for me to be way out of control because everyone else was doing the same thing – or at least that was what I thought.

I do not remember my last drinking July 4th. I believe that…

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